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SummerHarp Intensive

one-week session - July 2-8, 2017

two-week session - July 2-15, 2017

The SummerHarp Intensive at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts is an exciting 1 to 2-week immersion into “all things harp”. Harp students of all ages and skill levels will benefit from private harp lessons, masterclasses, ensembles, public concerts, and seminars in practice techniques, performance practices, memorization and preparation for future musical endeavors. For harpists wishing for the 2-week experience, the second week will include a more advanced, in depth study of orchestral excerpts, conducting and solo repertoire. Led by UNCSA artist faculty, Jacquelyn Bartlett.



What do you want parents and students to know about your teaching methods?

I teach the student to play "in" to their instrument and to use it as their voice. My lessons focus on developing proper technique and exceptional listening skills, so students can project a warm and inviting tone on their instrument. I encourage each student to find his/her own voice as a harpist and to think deeply about how they play and project musical ideas to listeners. 

What makes the SummerHarp program unique to other summer harp programs?

UNCSA Summer Intensives offers programs in music, dance, drama, filmmaking, and visual arts - all occurring simultaneously. As a harpist, you will have the chance to mingle with students in all arts mediums on a conservatory campus with an extensive musical library and wonderful concert halls. There will also be opportunities to collaborate with other instrumentalist, including violinists, cellists and flutists to expand upon your chamber music repertoire.

What do you hope students gain from being a SummerHarp participant?

I hope that students will become recharged with a fresh new energy and passion about their music and the harp. Students will have a much better understanding of their potential and possibilities as a student and eventually a professional harpist.

What do you love most about playing the harp and being a teacher?

As a musician, I enjoy the sound and the feel of the vibrating strings on the harp. I also love the wide range of colors and sounds that can be produced on our instrument. As a professional, I truly appreciate being able to learn new music and work with composers to bring this new music to audiences. As a teacher, I love working with students to help them discover ways to improve technique, musicality, and memorization skills, all while introducing them to different styles of music. It is exciting and fulfilling to see a student master a piece of music and then perform it with joy and confidence!

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Residency options include both day and overnight students. Must be 12 years or older to stay overnight. Each student must have his/her own instrument to play during the SummerHarp Intensive. Rental harps will be available on a limited basis to students unable to provide their own for the duration of their stay. Students on lever or pedal harps may apply to the 1-week session (July 2-8, 2017) while only harp students on pedal harps may apply for the 2-week session (July 2-15, 2017). Priority Audition Deadline is April 17, 2017.